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New York is full of real estate projects, some of the largest developments and redevelopments in America. Just recently in New York, I visited the Oculus or Westfield World Trade Center Mall, and it was really neat. There are unique and more modern approaches like this underground mall whose facing is reminiscent of well, a shortened version of the Sydney Opera House?  Then there are the many ancient buildings of New York and their ongoing structural work and redevelopment. What are currently the biggest real estate projects going on in New York City, Last Minute Movers NYC?

There are plenty of major projects going on, so it can be difficult to single out some as the biggest, but it can be done. For example, 77 Charlton Street in Manhattan is one of those projects. Are you familiar with Manhattan at all? Looking at a map, you might think you know where you are going, but it can be a little difficult. There is also construction everywhere. So if you know Manhattan, you might know where 77 Charlton Street is located, and another major construction project going on in New York City is located in the Bronx.

It’s the 707 Grand Concourse Village in the Bronx. You know for these to be the largest real estate projects in New York City, they have to be tied up in tons of money, millions, and millions. One place we saw in passing was Trump Tower, which of course is always in the news these days. That’s not a current project of course except for the Secret Service, but it is tied to the President, who himself is a major New York real estate investor and developer.

Another one of the largest real estate projects is 58 Gerry Street in Brooklyn. This is a proposed plan for a seven-story building, and it’s going to be both commercial and residential space. There are so many different unique nooks of New York, and you can imagine the locations of the largest redevelopment projects changes from year to year.

If you are anywhere near West 56th Street in Manhattan, you can find the proposed site of a 27 story building. If you are familiar with the 107 street address, you might know this is Billionaire’s Row. Savana is the firm responsible for trying to break ground on this project. There is a different type of project going on in Manhattan, too, a residential​ one. It is in Harlem and is called the Robeson, located on 407 Lennox Avenue. To give you an idea of the size of this project, it involves 79 units.

Those are some of the largest planned projects in New York. You can find plenty more for sure, as they are everywhere, especially in Manhattan. You will notice that is going to, of course, be where most of the tallest buildings are going to be, and they have it in terms of square footage, units, dollars, the number of projects and we’ll you get the picture. Manhattan is where it’s at when it comes to the biggest real estate deals.

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Why to know the Rent-control act?

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Some of the valuable apartment-maintenance services that should be catered by the owners are janitorial services, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, different kinds of repair services, light furnishing, elevator services, cold and hot water services, plumbing services, laundry and bathing facilities and many more. The tenants should not face any trouble after taking the possession of the rented apartment. Housing-and-community renewal of New York City has enforced this rule over the apartment-owners for protecting and preserving the interests of the tenants.

Rent rates are being revised after every 2 years for revealing operating-cost changes. Some of the major reasons for which the rents might get increased are Installation for capital improvements by owners, increased labor and fuel costs, hardships and many more. You should acquire a fair knowledge about these facts so that you do not face any trouble in accepting increased rent-cost gladly.